Staff & Volunteers 护法人员

kms Dharma School was founded in September 1983 with the help of a few volunteer Dharma teachers and supporting staff, and the first classes of 70 students commenced. Currently, the school has about 90 teachers and many supporting volunteers to serve 900 students. All through the years, the School grows in strength and vision – without the support of dedicated volunteer teachers, supporting volunteers and staff, it would not have been possible.

The teachers serve as Buddhist mentors for the students, seeking to cultivate Buddhist virtues of gratitude, compassion, forbearance and wisdom in our students. They extend passion and creativity into designing full-filled and enriching activities. And together with their love for the young ones, our Dharma family grows in an ambience of loving-kindness, understanding and mindfulness.

 We welcome you to join us in this big Buddhist family to share Dharma with the young ones and practise together with fellow volunteers and staff.

For more information on volunteering as a teacher, please contact our teacher coordinator Chia Chiu Yuin at or call 6849-5329.