2017 Class photos for downloading

Sep 20

Dear Parents/Guardians

Below are 2017 class photos for you to download for each school.

Under each school, you can look for the class your child is in before downloading.

  1. KMSKids Chinese Album
  2. KMSKids English Album
  3. KMSTeens Album
  4. AAA Program Class Album
  5. Special Needs Class Album

Enjoy !

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School closed for Temple Ullambana event for 2 weeks

Aug 29

Please be reminded that school is closed for the next 2 weeks due to monastery’s Ullambana prayer.

All 3 schools will resume on 16 and 17 Sep 2017.

Below is the email that was sent to the parents with regards to :

  1.  Renewal & Fee for 2018

The renewal date will be from 1 Sept to 30 Sept 2017.  Registration for new students will be 1 Oct to 31 Oct 2017.

     2. Invitation for Gratitude Concert and Exhibition

Please take note of the timing for both schools on Saturday will be from 1.45pm to 5.30pm

The bus transport from AMK MRT station will leave at 1.30pm. Departure from monastery will be at 5.45pm.

There will be 4 buses arranged for each trip. Please be arrived early if you are taking transport.

Note: If you did not receive the above emails, please contact our admin at 6849-5329 to update our database.


请注意,由于院的盂兰盆节,少儿佛学班学校将在接下来的2周内关闭。 所有3所学校将于2017年9月16日和17日恢复。





请注意:所有光明山少儿佛学班 – 小学部 (中和英文班)学生与家长当天报到时间:

下午1点45分                 (3楼课室)         展览

下午2点40分                 (无相殿)            家长和学生就座看演出

下午5点30分                 (无相殿)            表演结束




因本寺七月盂兰盆节超度法会,学校将停课两周, 2017年9月16日和17日再开课。


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CANCER PREVENTION & Possible Reversal Workshop

Aug 12

2 Day Workshop – All are Welcome

Day 1 : 19 Aug 2017 (Sat) & Day 2 : 26 Aug 2017 (Sat)

There will be 2 identical sessions on each Saturday.

Please attend either Session A or Session B:

Session A: 2pm – 3.40pm OR  Session B: 3.50pm – 5.30pm

Venue: Classroom 307 – level 3 VHCMH, KMSPKS temple

Cancer workshop1Cancer workshop2

Register online and pay online at :


  • Contribution: S$10 for both days
  • Payment mode: Credit card/Paypal
  • No refund if you miss out on any one of the dates.
  • If you cannot pay online, please proceed to KMS Reception office to pay cash or Nets.


Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
88 Bright Hill Road. Singapore 574117

KMS Reception Office : Helpdesk Hours

9.00am – 4.30pm (Daily)

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5 & 12 August 2017 (Saturday) School Puja Assembly & Parent Dharma Class

Aug 05

All students to proceed to level 3, Classroom 307 for Puja Assembly.

After bringing their children at classroom 307, all parents are to proceed to Classroom 9, level 1 Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall for Parent Dharma Class.

There will be some short video clips to share with all parents before Venerable comes into the class.

85 12日 2017(星期六)

学校诵经大会, 所有学生进行 请到三楼 宏船老和尚纪念堂, 教室307, 诵经静坐.
把孩子带到教室307后,所有的家长可以加入家长佛法班 在教室9, 1楼 宏船老和尚纪念堂.
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“Mask Off, To the Max” Workshop 2017

Jul 12

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please click below to register. (SPACE IS LIMITED. Do act fast.)

For workshop on 30th July & 6th August 2017 ( Sec 3 & Sec 4 )


For workshop on 13th & 20th August 2017 ( Sec 1 & 2 )


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact KMS Dharma School at 6849 5329 or KMS Counselling and Social Services Department (CSS) at 6849 5351.


This 2-days workshop is tailored-made to enhance on your child’s/ward’s personal growth in strengthening their mental resilience.  The objective of the workshop aims to build students’ interpersonal skills, enhance self-management and create greater self-awareness. This will be achieved through exploring various coping strategies, their strengths and emotions. We have invited Ms Sherry Chang (KMSKPS Full-Time Counsellor) and Mr Edmund Chong (MOE Full-Time School Counsellor) to facilitate the workshop.

The course fee is $45 per child but it will be fully subsidised by the monastery for our students.

Growing up is a challenging journey. We navigate through the ever changing family dynamic. To add on to the difficulty, fitting in amongst friends and peers is not an easy task too. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have learned to put on different masks in different situations to act, behave and even think differently in different social settings. Problem arises when we forgotten who we really are underneath the mask. We hide our values and strengths that we possess. Doing so allow us to fit in easily, however, deep down in our heart, we can feel the disconnection with ourselves.

There is no better time than now to take off the masks. Take the mask off and we are free to explore who we are. Take the mask off and we are free to use our character strengths to the max. We are all whole individuals, and thus possess unique strengths that include unique talents, skills, positive character traits and personal qualities. There is no better time than now to “Mask Off, To the Max”.

The student must fulfil 2 requirements.

  • He/she must be able to commit for 2 consecutive days for the workshop.
  • He/she must fulfil the age requirements for the respective workshops that they sign for.

The schedule of workshops is as follows:



Workshop #1

(DAY 1)

30 July 2017


1.30pm to 5.30pm


Classroom 309 Age: 15 to 16
Workshop #1 (DAY 2) 06 August 2017


Workshop #2

(DAY 1)

13 August 2017


1.30pm to 5.30pm


Classroom 309 Age: 13 to 14
Workshop #2

(DAY 2)

20 August 2017


Registration is on a first come, first served basis and SPACE IS LIMITED. Do act fast.

Trainers’ Profile:

* Miss Sherry Chang was a full-time school counsellor for close to 4 years with MOE school and obtained her Master Degree in Professional Counselling from Swinburne University Australia. Passionate about working with people from all walks of lives, Sherry is currently a full-time counsellor in Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. Sherry has received professional training in Jungian Sandplay Therapy and Choice Theory & Reality Therapy (CTRT).

* Mr Edmund Chong is currently a full-time school counsellor with MOE school. He has 6 years of experience working with youths and their family. He also has 2 years working experience in family service centre. He obtained his Master Degree in Professional Counselling from Swinburne University Australia. Edmund is a certified Choice Theory & Reality Therapy (CTRT) practitioner.


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