School Rules & Mindful Conduct 校规与行为守则

Dear Beloved Students, these school rules and regulations ensure that you can learn, practice, realise and share in a safe, happy and caring environment. It is your responsibility to observe them.

School Rules  

1. School Attendance & Punctuality
a. Attendance is compulsory. All students must be seated 5 minutes before start of school in the Shrine Hall for puja.

Inform us of your absence
Email if you will be/are absent from School. You may also submit the Notification of Absence Form or a parent’s letter to your class teacher to inform reason for absence. Failure to do so will be considered ‘Absent Without Reason’. Please do not call to inform us of your absence.

Please download the Notification of Absence Form OR collect it from your class teacher.

b. If you are Absent Without Reason for more than 3 times, the school will take it that you are withdrawing from the school.

c. Please be punctual for school.


2. Serious Offences
The school takes serious actions against the following:
a. Acts of cheating, bullying, fighting, dishonesty, indecency, hooliganism, theft, vandalism and possession of undesirable materials.
b. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, drug abuse and glue-sniffing.
c. Arrogance, offensive language, vulgarities and rudeness shown through words, gestures or actions.


3. Dressing & Footwear
a. Wear the school T-shirt and ankle-length, plain-coloured pants (black, white, dark blue or dark brown) when you are attending school. Please do not wear shorts, 3-quarter pants, skirts or other clothing.

b. Place your footwear in a neat and orderly manner on the shoe racks.


4. Disciplinary Actions
The school reserves the right to take disciplinary actions as it deems fit.


Mindful conduct

5. In the Monastery
a. Show RESPECT to Venerables (Monks and Nuns), Principal and Teachers.
Place your palms together and greet them politely when you see them.

b. Speak courteously and pleasantly at all times.

c. Be mindful. Do not shout and run around.

d. Do not use hand phones and electronic game devices during school hours
when you enter the main shrine hall and classrooms.


6. Puja
a.   Puja is compulsory. You should be seated in the Shrine Hall 5 minutes before puja starts. Please bring your chanting book every week.
b.    Sit properly with your back straight and in cross-legged position.
c.    You are encouraged to join in the chanting of “南无本师释迦牟尼佛” for 5 minutes before the actual puja commences.
d.   Follow the chanting and meditation diligently.


7. In the Main Shrine Hall
a. Show RESPECT to the Buddha. Upon entering the Shrine Hall, prostrate to the Buddha statue and walk mindfully to your seat.  Do not step on the cushions.
b. Maintain Noble Silence in the Shrine Hall.
c. Do not put any personal belongings on top of the donation box.
d. Do not eat sweets/chewing gums/drink water in the Shrine Hall.
e. When leaving the Shrine Hall, chant “南无本师释迦牟尼佛” sincerely and move as a class in an orderly manner back to your classroom.


8. In the Classroom
a. Place your palms together and greet your teachers “Good morning, Teacher YYY ” or “Good afternoon, Teacher YYY” when you enter the class.
b. Raise your hand and wait until your teacher calls you before you speak.
c. Observe appropriate behaviour and be considerate to others.
d. Use the monastery’s property with care. Do not lean or step on teh low tables.
e. Keep the classroom clean, neat and tidy.


9. In the Dining Hall (for kms Teens)
a. Sit properly and quietly at the tables before food contemplation.
b. Eat in silence mindfully for the first 5 minutes.
c. Put the bowls and utensils into the appropriate bins after consuming the food.
d. Leave the Dining Hall only at 10.30am when the teacher-in-charge dismisses the school.
e. Clean the table and push in your chair before leaving the Dining Hall.


May you have an enjoyable, enriching and enlightening year with us!







1. 出席率及上课准时
a. 学生必须出席每一堂课,并在上课五分钟前到药师佛殿准备共修。

缺课通知Inform your Absence
若需要缺课,请发电邮至 ,通知校方。父母/监护人也可以以书信通知,或呈交‘请假表格’给班上老师。请不要以电话通知。
请下载‘请假表格’ Notification of Absence Form,或向老师索取。如果没收到书面通知,校方将此列为‘无故缺席’。

b. 若学生旷课超过三次 (无故缺席),校方将当作学生主动退学。

c.  学生必须遵守共修及上课时间。


2.  严重的不良行为
a. 欺骗、欺凌、打架、不诚实、流氓行为、偷盗、毁坏公物、持有不良物品。
b. 抽烟、饮酒、滥用药物、吸食强力胶。
c. 污言秽语,还有不礼貌的言行举止。


3. 衣着和鞋类
a. 上课时,学生必须穿学校的T 恤及素色长裤,不准穿短裤及其它衣服。
b. 将鞋子整齐并顺序地放置在课室外的鞋架上。


4.  纪律处分


a. 尊敬师父、校长、老师们。见到他们时,请合掌向他们问好。
b. 说话时轻声细语,有礼貌。
c.  注意言行举止,不要大声喊叫、随处乱跑。
d.  禁止在课堂上和大殿共修时用手机和电动玩具。


6.诵念/ 静坐
a. 学生必须参加共修。请你在共修开始前五分钟,在大殿就座。请每个星期携带你的课诵本。
b. 将背挺直,找个适当舒服的坐姿,盘腿静坐。
c. 在正式诵念/静坐前,我们鼓励你跟着大众诵念 “ 南无本师释迦牟尼佛” 五分钟。
d. 用心不懈地遵循诵念/静坐。


a. 尊敬佛陀。进入殿堂时,用恭敬的心面对佛像,专心一意地走向座位。不要踩踏坐垫。
b. 在殿堂内,保持肃静。
c. 禁止将私人物品置放在福田箱上。
d. 禁止在殿堂内吃糖果、口香糖或喝饮料。
e. 在离开殿堂前,合掌虔诚地念“南无本师释迦牟尼佛”并整齐地排班,顺序回各自的课室。


a. 当你进入课室时,请双手合掌向老师问候:“某某老师早安”或“某某老师午安” 。
b. 要跟老师说话时,请先举手。
c. 言行举止,请设身处地,照顾和考虑到别人。
d. 爱护常住(寺院)物品和资源。不要让身体靠桌子或踩在桌子上。
e.  保持课室整洁、优雅。


a. 在饮食前沉思,请坐好和保持安静。
b. 用餐时5分钟,请守静语和持正念。
c. 用餐后,将碗和餐具放进指定的桶里。
d. 在10时30分,当负责老师宣布下课后,才可以离开斋堂。
e. 离开斋堂前,把桌子擦干净和把椅子推进靠桌子。